15+ years of awesomeness

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Affiliate experts at first, we started developing a B2B emailing product, social media platform for indie comics, a publishing activity and iGaming.
Over the years, we strengthen our experience and polish our skills. In 2016, we summarize everything in our new product, a manga parody browser game.

Since then, we have developed the game and its universe, our own affiliate program & ad-network.
The team is now 30-strong, our game has +3 millions accounts created, 150k daily user, we manage 600 millions impressions monthly.

  • Online Gaming

    +3M players, 150K DAU and more than 500K MAU

  • Advertisement network

    +800M monthly impression, specialized in gaming & manga

  • Affiliate program

    +2M USD payout during the first year

  • Experienced Team

    40+ experts in a multicultural team, across five countries

  • Bulletproof tech

    Homemade tech to support more than 10 millions daily impression

  • Sky's the limit

    Active R&D in VR, MR and 3D technologies

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  • PHP Dev
  • Front-end Dev
  • Account manager
  • Community Manager
  • Illustrators
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600M+ Monthly impression
500K Monthly Active User
6M+ Players worldwide
OUR forte

Team of experts
bonded by passion and friendship

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  • Products in 5 differents languages and counting
  • Design, tech, sales, marketing... everything is done in-house
  • Illustrations & original design made by artists
  • Funny stories and compelling adventure for players
  • Strong link with our player community and fan base
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From friendship to business, the three founders have always shared the urge of creating cool products, try new technologies and enjoy freedom

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CEO & Evangelist Adrien Bacchi
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COO & Process freak Alexandre Panciera
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CTO & Tech Wizard Laurent Gomez


The Heroes that make this adventure a reality

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